Welcome to Doggie Day Care + Boarding in my Home!

Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring—it was peace.
—Milan Kundera

While you’re away, the dogs will play

Our home is a place for your dog to feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. Some dogs are quick to romp and play and explore their home away from home. That’s wonderful. Some dogs are shy or sensitive and need one-on-one attention before they are at ease in a new environment. That’s wonderful too. I love them all and tailor my approach to your dog’s personality.

I also match activities to your dog’s interests, energy, size, abilities, special needs and the weather. Activities may include walks, outings to the dog park or the coffee house, car rides, fetch and tug games, petting, and pampering.

All of my dog guests are evaluated prior to their stay to ensure the dogs who stay together have mixable personalities. Dog guests are free to roam most of the house, lounge in the enclosed courtyard, or share a chair in the office. If your dog naps on the sofa at home, they are welcome on my sofa. If your dog sleeps with you, our king-sized bed is cozy for all.

I limit the number of dogs so there is plenty of room for everyone and everyone gets attention. Dogs must be house trained and be up to date with vaccinations.


It’s a dog’s life

I want your dog to be comfortable so I try to keep your dog’s schedule similar to the at-home schedule and feed the food you provide. Dogs are fed separate from each other, even if they come from the same home.

It’s your life too: I try to work with your schedule. Flexible drop off and pick up times are important for dog parents.

A wag is worth a thousand words

I often email photos or videos of your dog or post them on my Facebook page. I hope it makes you happy to see that your dog is happy while you’re away.

Some dogs need special care

IMG_2253I can address special needs: Administer medication as prescribed, wrap wounds, and give shots. I lost my beloved 12-and-half-year-old Cleo, in May of 2009, so I’m sensitive to the needs of older dogs; for example, they may prefer a little distance and security from the pack.


Fourteen years of dog love, passion and experience.