The deTails

IMG_0285If it is a first-time stay for your dog, I will schedule a pre-stay meet and greet with you and your dog so I can learn your dog’s routine, activities, interests, any special needs, and your preferences in case of illness or emergency. I typically use your veterinarian if possible. I use the Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center of Santa Fe for after hours, weekends, holidays, and emergencies.

Please contact me by email or cell (505 670 3623) to schedule a pre-stay meeting or to schedule your dog’s stay, the more advance notice the better.

I will need a copy of your dog’s vaccination records from your veterinarian before boarding. Required vaccinations: Rabies, distemper, parvovirus and bordetella. Bordetella must have been given no more than six months and no less than two weeks prior to your dog’s arrival. One more thing: I appreciate if your dog arrives freshly bathed.

Running late? Flight delayed? Please let me know if you need to change your pick up or drop off time as soon as possible. The best way to reach me is email or cell.

If it is okay with you, I may take your dog to the dog park or places about town. While we are away from home, I put a second identification tag and a bell on your dog.


Example day with the Dog Lady

Activities will depend on the weather.

  • Morning: Breakfast; a short walk or hike; free-time to play, nap, or rest
  • Midday: A walk at the dog park, a car ride for errands, or a visit to the coffee house
  • Late afternoon: Free time to play, nap, or rest
  • Evening: Dinner, a short walk or play in the courtyard, sweet dreams

Things to bring

Please bring your dog’s food, enough for their stay + two or three extra days. Unexpected things happen and I’ve had dogs stay longer than planned. Dogs feel better eating the food they’re accustomed to. If your dog’s food runs out, I provide food at an additional charge. I try to replace it with the same, so please make sure your dog’s food is labeled with the brand and type.

Collar and tags
: Tags must include your dog’s identification and contact information, city animal license, and proof of rabies vaccination.

Special things: 
I encourage you to bring comfortable and familiar things. A blanket, a dog bed, and/or toys—none with strings or rope—to help your dog adjust from your place to mine. I try to keep your dog’s things safe, but a house of dogs is a house filled with curiosity. Please do not bring anything you don’t want to lose.

Please bring any medication, enough for their stay + two or three extra days, with instructions for time, amount, and any special requirements.