Katherine has taken care of Oliver for over five years. He hates being away from me, but loves being with her. I cannot express how wonderful it is to have a loving, interesting home away from home for Oliver when I must travel.

—Margret C.


We first found “the dog lady” when we saw a flyer posted with a photo of a woman sitting on a bed full of dogs – I looked at it and said – that’s where I want Augie to stay!

Our old black lab Augie has been boarding occasionally with Katherine since 2011. She has a special connection with dogs. A love that goes beyond just “dog sitting”.

Augie has “senior citizen” needs such as medications and special food. We felt comfortable leaving him in Katherine’s care – knowing he would get his meds and his green beans and even a trip to the vet if needed. I love that she sends photos of him to us when we are away – so reassuring that our dog child is in good hands and under a watchful eye.

I think Augie enjoys his vacation at her house as much as we enjoy ours while he is there!

—Barry and Myssie A.

We used to hire petsitters to stay at our home to care for our dogs. They are our family and we are beyond crazy about them. Having someone stay in our home was what we knew, but was rarely, if ever, a very good solution for all kinds of reasons. And then we found out about Katherine and the possibility of having our beloved dogs stay with her. Our lives changed that day – for the better, way better!

Katherine loves animals, especially dogs and this is evident from the moment she opens her door to welcome her new canine visitors. Our dogs love their time at Katherine’s. Our dogs, all dogs, get the finest care and attention. And dog walks! We are committed dog walkers and were amazed to learn that Katherine also takes her “guests” to the dog park. It is a win, win, win situation.

We highly, highly recommend Katherine the Dog Lady.

—Cynthia D.


We LOVE Katherine the Dog Lady, and she loves our dogs!

We’ve been sending our Australian Shepherds Molly and Jasper to Katherine for four years, and their tails start wiggling as soon as we turn in to her driveway. Our younger Aussie is bounding by the time we reach her door!

Katherine takes them to the dog park, let’s them sleep in her bedroom-on her bed if they want to- and is always in communication with us through texts, pictures and videos. Once she had to take our older Aussie, Molly to the Vet and she was incredible – quickly resolving the issue and communicating with us in the process.

Molly and Jasper go for daycare and longer stays and we’ve been very pleased with both. If our guys can’t go with us, we are absolutely confident that they will be well cared for and watched over by Katherine.

—Ken & Marcy E.


Our 15/16 year old Yorkie has been a client of the Dog Lady Katherine’s for five years or so.

Polly isn’t really interested in coming home with us after staying with Katherine! It is just as I wish her time away from us would be…a doggie vacation. Lots of walks, a soft bed to sleep on and a dog lover to care for her.

She is one happy dog while we are away.

—Mary Ann E.


Katherine is indeed our Dog Lady! She has been kind enough to accommodate our needs and changing schedule for overnight stays. Our Border Terrier, Dash, is her biggest fan. He always comes home happy and healthy, and best of all we never have to worry about him while we’re gone. Peace of mind is worth a lot!  Throw in Katherine’s sincere love of dogs and her expertise in working with animals makes the Dog Lady a true bargain.
—Guy and Jan

When we leave our dog with Katherine, we don’t worry about the care that she is getting. Truth be told, she may be getting better care than she gets at home!  She is always happy to see Katherine because she knows that she will get lots of love and exercise. Any special needs, such as diet and medications, are always attended to with the utmost care. We have had to use Katherine a lot over the last 2 or 3 years, and I don’t know what we would have done without her. We certainly don’t feel as comfortable leaving our dog anyplace else.
—Buddy and Amy

230Now that we are empty-nesters, we are able to travel frequently. We never felt comfortable with a conventional kennel-style boarding for our Labradoodle. By chance, we found Katherine, and are so thrilled we did. She cares for Jasper as we would, and he always looks forward to visits to her comfy, clean home and all the activities he shares with Katherine and the other pups. We are so thankful we found someone in Santa Fe where our boy can feel at home, enjoy socializing, and be loved while we travel. Katherine even sends us pictures and updates while we’re on the road, but most importantly, she provides us invaluable peace of mind.
—Larry and Patty

IMG_1700Katherine has kept my Great Danes (often two at a time!) for about 7 years now. Needless to say, they are quite a handful. I have never had someone to care for my dogs like Katherine. She does it all: lets them sleep and lounge on furniture and beds, dispenses medicine, takes them out daily to the enclosed dog park for exercise and socializing and even sends pictures and videos of them at various activities. I also think that she genuinely cares for them as if they were her own. When my dogs come home they are happy, healthy and well-rested. I can recommend Katherine without reservation. She is a kind, wonderful person—both to people and dogs!